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Upcoming Exhibition 30th March 2018: Landing Among The Stars

From 30th March to 15 April 2018, Durlston Country Park in Swanange, Dorset-UK, will hold an exhibition about my night photography in Dorset and beyond. The entry is free, experience the magic of the starry nights and learn more about this type of photography.



Pulpit Rock Milky Way, Portland Bill, Dorset
Gold Hill Milky Way, Shaftesbury, Dorset
Littlebredy Waterfall Milky Way, Dorset

How to get there:

See the link for full information:

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Poole Harbour Starry Nights 

The largest natural harbour in the United Kingdom.  It is the estuary of 4 rivers, the largest being the Frome.  It has an approximate area of 36km2 (14 sq mi) and it is very shallow (average depth is 48cm) .  The area has a long history of human settlement pre-Roman times.  The harbour was used by the Romans as an invasion port.

View of the Sandbanks chain ferry jetty. Sirius and the Milky Way, Sandbanks, Poole, England
Milky Way above Parkstone Yacht Club and Poole Quay, from Whitecliff Harbourside Park, Poole, England

Poole is the main town.  It became a wealthy city in the 17th century as it was a trading hub, and by the 18th century it was the main British port trading with North America.

Milky Way view above Poole Park, Dorset, England


Hamworthy Lake Pier,  Sirius and the Milky Way, Poole, England.

The harbour is an area of international importance for wildlife conservation, and borders three natural reserves.



View of the Milky Way above the harbour from Evening Hill, Poole, England

Poole Harbour has a special charm, and is well known for the most beautiful sunsets in Dorset.  This post is about a face little known, Poole Harbour under the starry nights

Milky Way above Sandbanks bay, next to the sailing club. Poole, England.