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And 2017 so far

This year 2017, started with big expectations, always trying to be realistic too about what it could be achieved, as the windows of opportunities in the UK are extremely reduced…so every clear night is so precious, to the point that if I miss one window(a clear moonless night ), I feel like I just wasted my time by doing something else.  It is a journey, and a great learning experience and it has become a religion.


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The Super Moon…nothing more fascinating..

There is always a fascination for the moon…let alone a Super Moon….photographing the moon is one of the most challenging….

And there is another one coming on the 14th November 2016!!!…and is the biggest and brightest since 1948… 15% bigger and 16% brighter …

If you would like to photograph this moon, you could start your practice from Sunday 13th November as it would be 99% full and only few thousand miles difference compared to the next day.

I will capturing this moon if the weather permits….and if you like to participate in the Moon Workshop on the 13th Nov, please complete the contact form of this site with the reference SuperMoon.



And the Super Moon showed up!!!! Amazing sunset today followed by a perfect moon rise in Bournemouth, Dorset, UK.

Cameras pointing towards the east (Southbourne) while after sunset was developing in the back (Sandbanks, Poole)

A good group of people attended the workshop to witness the pain of having two stunning views from which it was very difficult to decide….Purple sunset on the west and super moon rise on the east….enjoy !!! 🙂

And it made it into The Sun on 15-11-2016, online and printed in page 17