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And 2017 so far

This year 2017, started with big expectations, always trying to be realistic too about what it could be achieved, as the windows of opportunities in the UK are extremely reduced…so every clear night is so precious, to the point that if I miss one window(a clear moonless night ), I feel like I just wasted my time by doing something else.  It is a journey, and a great learning experience and it has become a religion.


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Last Super Moon 2016

The last Super Moon of 2016 rose at 5:08 pm on 14th December.  It rose with beautiful colours similar to a sunset, peaceful and perfectly defined… and after approximately 20 minutes  it disappeared behind the clouds just to not to be seen again until the next day….

Last super moon December 2016 Hengistbury Head towards Somerford, Dorset, UK.