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The Online Shop is here

Finally the shop is here!!!

One of the biggest collections of Milky Way photography in Dorset, with more than 200 images and nearly 4000 different products, now is easier than ever to have the immense beauty of our skies in your home or office.

Absolutely beautiful options available, from straight prints, acrylic and aluminium, unframed or framed.

Check the galleries and browse through the images, even help yourself with one for your phone or computer screen for free!!!*

Use the search option to see if a Milky Way image has been captured in your area (UK only).  If not, then please contact me to suggest the location.

And payment conveniently using your Debit/Credit card or PayPal account.

Hundreds of new products and options will be added soon.  I hope you enjoy this shop and please do not hesitate to contact me.

Click here to go to the online shop


Gold Hill Milky Way
Gold Hill Milky Way, Dorset UK


*for personal use only and no re-sale allowed

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Upcoming Exhibition 30th March 2018: Landing Among The Stars

From 30th March to 15 April 2018, Durlston Country Park in Swanange, Dorset-UK, will hold an exhibition about my night photography in Dorset and beyond. The entry is free, experience the magic of the starry nights and learn more about this type of photography.



Pulpit Rock Milky Way, Portland Bill, Dorset
Gold Hill Milky Way, Shaftesbury, Dorset
Littlebredy Waterfall Milky Way, Dorset

How to get there:

See the link for full information:

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Peveril Point Swanage Milky Way Welcome 2018

As I did last year, I went again to the same place for my first Milky Way, Peveril Point, Swanage, Dorset UK. For my previous attempt, I used a Sigma Art lens 20mm F1.4. The idea was to capture more detailed foregrounds. The lens proved to be excellent for low light but it has four major downsides: first, photos of the night sky taken with this lens were extremely difficult to edit. Second, it is not very good for panoramas, despite I used a nodal head. Third, the autofocus is the worst of any lens that I have ever owned, it is very difficult to capture a sharp photo even with the best light conditions. And fourth, the lens profile in Lightroom is terrible, it makes the images worse. I was not bothered by the astigmatism distortion of the corners which virtually disappeared in panoramas. Overall, I was not happy with the lens, I felt I wasted my last year trying to use it. So I went back to my trustworthy Samyang lens 14mm F2,8. Coupled with the Canon 6D, still my preferred choice. I have not tested the Sigma 14mm F2 yet, but given the price, I will stick with my Samyang.

Below is the process used to create it. It is a panorama of 7 photos, Canon 6d and Samyang 14mm F2.8, ISO between 4000 and 5000. Each photo is 25 secs. Stitched in Adobe Lightroom.

Peveril Point Swanage Milky Way: 7 images highlighted below and stitched in Abobe Lightroom.

I also took another one without me, and here is the result:

Swanage Peveril Point Milky Way. Dorset United Kingdom. Canon 6d Mk1 Samyang 14mm F2.8. Panorama of 8 photos. 25 Secs each ISO 4000.

The moon rise was spectacular, one of the most beautiful rises from the sea, it was also so dim that allowed to capture the Milky Way up to the last minute before the astronomical dawn. Again, I thank you the nature for this beautiful experience.