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Visiting the Galactic Centre

Ok I confess. I am addicted. Yes I do, since one night few years ago I decided to point my camera to the sky at night…and I have not stopped since then. Digital photography has made it possible. What is a total darkness for our eyes, camera sensors can see in pitch black…and clearly… so they have opened a new window. Photographing the night sky is simply one of the most beautiful and rewarding experiences.

Whether are the stars or the moon or any celestial bodies, the views are simply incredible, maybe because we are used to the day light or the lights of the towns at night. On a clear night, one of the most beautiful things that I have ever seen in my life with my naked eye is the galactic centre. The nebulas, the colour, everything….and that is only possible if you have trained your eyes to see in the dark. That night I avoided every single source of light, including my phone, and I only used the light of the stars that lit my path.

The featured photos were taken in Man’O’War, the Jurassic Coast, Dorset, United Kingdom in Summer time.  I remember that night…vivid…and the experience that really made me feel out of this world…